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Electomagnetic Wave Absorption, Blocking Sheet

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Features of our product

Our company using carbon nano-tubes and silver nano wire immersed in fiber. It has the characteristics of a carbon nanotube and silver nano wire. Carbon nanotube is highly conductive. It has a self-discharge effect that has anti-static effect. In addition, carbon nanotube has characteristic that absorb the electromagnetic wave rather than reflect. It's a superior shielding effect. Silver nano wire has antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Silver nano wire is the most conductive metal.

Utilizing examples

  • Prevent accidents caused by electrostatic discharge – Gas stations, refineries, chemical plants, etc. can be used in places sensitive to static
  • Electromagnetic shielding effect - Using the electromagnetic shielding effect can be utilized in the workplace to electromagnetic waves generated much.
  • Electromagnetic shielding applications available under the computer keyboard and mouse
  • Microwave and life electronic goods available(Electromagnetic shielding effect)
  • Special industrial / Defense industry