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CNT Dispersion / Coating

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CNT Dispersion / Coating

Carbon nanotube (SWNT, MWNT) has strong bonding force by vanderwaals force.
It is difficult to manufacture compound or liquid dispersion. We have a unique dispersion technology.
To make electrical conductivity in each solvent, CNTs are dispersed.
We added a liquid dispersion and a binder resin(which is suitable for solvent) to each CNT.
We have developed CNT COATING solution that can prevent static electricity and coating on various materials.

Product Name Solvent CNT Concentration(%)
KB-SWNT solution Water 0.1 ~ 1%
IPA 0.1 ~ 1%
KB-MWNT solution Water With in 4%
IPA With in 4%
BC With in 4%
EC With in 4%
MEK With in 4%

* Various solvents can be applied according to customer's demand.


  • The electrical resistance is 102 ~ 104(EMI), 106 ~ 109Ωcm(ESD) etc. Electrical conductivity can be adjusted according to application.
  • High surface area than bulk materials more than 1000 times.
  • It an ideal material to implement conductibility.
    Due to outer diameter of a length is thousands times longer than inside length.
  • An ideal material for implementing the conductivity while maintaining the optical properties.
  • It can be used for flexible substrate.
  • Cost cutting than making synthetic product.