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Metal strip is twined into the shape of a spring. Widely used in the semiconductor, LCD, LED devices


  • Shielding of noise from RF plasma and Microwave.
  • Shielding of Electric field, magnetic field
  • Ground connection


Base Material

  • Stainless steel(SUS) : Medium shielding rate,Low price.
    Sn plating available.
  • Beryllium copper(Becu) : High shielding rate of the most common materials. Ni,Sn plating available.
  • Hastelloy : Corrosive gases used equipment.
    Highly resistant to corrosion.
  • Titanum : Al connection between the parts, Ground connection Al plating available.
  • Elgiloy : Arcing Prevention Specialized Products

Plated Material

  • Sn : The most common material coated with tin-plated
    Lower heat resistance temperature 150℃
  • Ni : Low resistance of a nickel-plated, heat-resistant temperature more than 250℃. Due to the high intensity no surface scratches or peeling
  • Al : Aluminum Plating is only Base material titanium available.
    Effective connection between the parts is possible due to the lowest resistance.
  • Selection for the material is considered shielding rate, temperature, gases, etc. of equipment.

It is easily squashed when both sides to exert a force on the product.
The product tilted to one side from a common spring form.


  • Multiple contact points are more efficient in ground connection
  • Impedance control function in the Chamber
  • Used a lot in Generator, waveguide,Applicator parts due to minimize the loss .


  • Material : Stainless Steel(312,316), Becu, Titanium select
    According to the available material gold(Au), silver (Ag) plating selectable.

Spring gasket type

Depending on the location and connection parts can be differently applied to the tilting direction.

  • Connection of right and left : Usually used in Connector pin part.
    Minimize losses during frequent desorption could deliver power effectively.
  • Connection of up and down : It is suitable for fixed assembly parts than frequent desorption parts.